Steps for immediate loading of the basal implants at the NURIDENT dental clinic, Bulgaria.

1. First day
• On the first visit, X-ray (OPG) or computed tomography (3D) is performed, analyzed and a treatment plan is prepared, that is discussed with the patient.
• An informed consent is signed with the detailed treatment plan by the patient and the dental practitioner
• The patient is consulted by a cardiologist or anesthesiologist and, if necessary, is prescribed premedication (correction of blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, allergies, antibiotic)
• Photo preparation before the procedure; preparation of the oral cavity for the intervention
• Individual implants (individually designed) that are tailored to the specifics of the patient are selected
• Intervention is conducted under local dental anesthesia
• The teeth are extracted according to the treatment plan, immediately implants are placed. Control X-rays are made
• After inserting the implants, plastic surgery is made on the soft and hard tissue around the implants. This achieves an equal foundation on which the future metal-ceramic structure will lie
• The dentist takes impressions for the dental laboratory

2. Second day
• On the second day the metal skeleton of the future construction is fabricated. On this day, the patient can approve the shape, size and length of the teeth and gain an insight into their future vision. The color of the construction is selected and metal skeleton is sent back to the dental laboratory

3. Third day
• On the third day a ceramic part of the prosthetic construction is fabricated. On this day the patient can see his new smile, with his approval and the dentist’s regarding the color, shape and size – the prosthetic construction is cemented constantly.
Execution time of one jaw – three days

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Nouveau sourire dans 3 jours

Étapes du chargement immédiat des implants basals à la clinique dentaire NURIDENT Bulgarie.

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