Classic dental implants

Classic dental implants are two-part dental implants. They are placed in soft bone (spongy bone). A very important condition for their placement is the existence of large amount of bone in a vertical direction. In some cases, there is indication for sinus lift and bone augmentation, which in turn prolongs the procedure and makes it more expensive. So, the treatment itself can last for more than a year.
Upon implant placement on the upper jaw, 6 months need to pass, and for the lower jaw (MS) about 3 months, then dental implant procedure is in progress – the implant cover screw is removed and the healing abutment is placed for about 10 – 14 days.
At the next visit, the abutment is removed, impression is taken, and the abutment returns to the implant.
Patient is coming to the last time to trim and cement the structure. Regular prophylactic examinations and good oral hygiene are required.
In patients living abroad, treatment is difficult because a patient must come several times for the different stages of treatment.
Classic implants are not suitable for cases of bone atrophy.