The advantages of BASAL IMPLANTS over conventional (two-part) implants:

1. Conventional implants are placed in the soft(spongy) bone and should stay there for three to six months. Therefore, treatment becomes longer and more complicated over time. On the other hand, the basal dental implants are placed in the cortical bone. Cortical bone is the most mineralized and hard bone. With the Basal Implants, there is no need to wait for the implant to be integrated into the bone, as the implants are anchored in the stiffest bone (cortical).
2. In the case of two-part implants, there must always be a bone volume, if bone is not sufficient, it is necessary to use bone substitutes. While basal implants, even in “insufficient” bone patients are suitable for this treatment without making extra bone replacements and expensive techniques.
3. In Basal Implants, it is not necessary to wait for bone healing after extraction of hopeless teeth.
4. Basal implants are suitable for severe cases of bone atrophy without the need of sinus lift and bone grafting.
5. Basal implants can be used in patients with common illnesses such as diabetes, osteoporosis and in cases of smokers because of the minimal risk of infection with this method.
6. Basal implants can also be used in the case of severe periodontal disease.
7. Basal implants are a quick method of implantation and are loaded (function) on the 3rd day of their placement, which means, it is not necessary to wait months for bone integration (osseointegration).
8. The basic implants are made of polished titanium, which prevents plaque accumulation on their surface, thus eliminating one of the main causes of implant loss – peri-implantitis. The polished surface also facilitates good oral hygiene from the part of the patient.
9. Basic implants are designed for both total and partial edentulation (lacking teeth). Treatment with basal implants takes up to three days. Within these three days, the patient will receive aesthetic, stable and firmly fixed prosthetic construction on the implant(s).

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